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Electricians of Bend provide nothing short of high-quality electrical services in the entire Bend, Oregon region and beyond. We are dedicated to hard work, efficiency, and safety awareness. Our Bend electricians have a broad range of experience in different facets of the industry. Whether you have a small home or a multi-million dollar commercial property, we are qualified to carry out electrical installations and maintenance work on your establishment. Fill out our online form or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.

You can rely on Bend electricians to carry out the following commercial tasks in Bend, Oregon and surrounding areas:


Electricians Bend Oregon will analyze the schematics plan of your transformer and get it back in full shape. We handle different types of transformers including toroid transformers and ferrite transformers. We also stock various transformer parts and will avail them as the need arises.

Parking Lots & Street Lights

Every parking lot requires some unique electrical installations. Our electrician Bend Oregon will help you fix the outdoor lighting systems, be it solar lights, LED lights, or other lighting systems. Our electricians in Bend Oregon are experienced and highly skilled in installing commercial exterior lighting systems and parking lot lighting maintenance. We begin by figuring out the best outdoor lighting system for your business.

Our Bend electricians are also skilled in commercial streetlight works. We handle various issues with your streetlight poles and LED roadway lighting systems.

High Voltage Electricians

We have a specialized team of electricians who deal with high voltage installations. They are highly trained to execute riskier work of handling wires, cables, and equipment that transmit higher voltages, which can pose lots of danger. Electricians Bend Oregon adhere to the highest levels of safety standards.

Contact us today for any industrial or commercial electrical work in Bend, Oregon. We do it all!

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Our Electricians are gaining experiencing all of the time, and what we learn from experience we put back into improving our services. We employ only the most skilled electricians in Bend as we continually search for ways to make our services even better.

Whenever we upgrade our equipment we make sure everyone is fully trained to use it, and then we change how we do things to make sure our commercial electrical services are still the best within Bend, Redmond and surrounding areas.

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