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At Electricians of Bend, we provide both small and large commercial electrical contractor services. All you have to do is fill out our form or call us for an immediate free estimate.

Below are some of the commercial electrical services that we provide:


Our team of skilled electricians have enough expertise and knowledge in electronic transformer repair. Not only do we have experience in working with different transformers such as the ferrite or toroid transformer, but we also have in stock different transformer parts. We can thus replace these parts if they are the cause of your transformer’s breakdown.

Parking Lots & Street Lights

Street or parking lot lights are prone to incur electrical issues frequently mostly because they are installed outdoors. However, if you require professional electricians in Bend Oregon to fix your street lights, then you should know that we are quite familiar with different lighting fixtures, LED and solar lights inclusive.

We can assist determine the ideal outdoor lighting for your property or company. We also provide street and parking lots light maintenance services. This ensures these lights remain functioning and in great shape.

Our Bend electricians are also skilled in commercial streetlight works. We handle various issues with your streetlight poles and LED roadway lighting systems.

High Voltage Electricians

Dealing with cables or wires that transmit high voltages of electricity requires expertise. It is why you should always let a professional handle this. Being the best Bend electricians, we have a team that specializes in this line of work. When handling high voltage electricity, we pay maximum attention to the safety of those around.

We can handle all kinds of commercial electrical contracting work all over Bend Oregon. Feel free to contact us at any time!

New Building Electrical

Are you or do you intend on building property in Bend Oregon? Yes, we do get it that it can be a tedious and overwhelming period. But, you should always keep in mind how important it is to have your property wired safely and correctly. Over the years, we at Electricians of Bend have seen plenty of clients not put into consideration this aspect only till their house is fully complete.

Before you start building your property, contact us, and we will be happy to go through your schematics and come up with a wiring plan.

Quality Services Guaranteed, from the Ground Up

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As the Electricians of Bend, we pride ourselves as the best electrical contractor that provides quality services to Bend Oregon residents. We deliver our services on time and our team starting from the electrical technician to the project manager, we all adhere to a strict code of conduct. With us, you can be assured of quality services from the beginning to the end while minimizing any disruptions.

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What Electrical Installation Services Do We Offer?

When building a home or any property, it is best for you to have a wiring or electrical installation plan in mind. At Electricians of Bend, we do provide a variety of electrical installation services in Bend Oregon. They include:

• Room lighting
• Outdoor lighting
• Garage lighting
• Installation of light switches
• Fire alarm systems
• Installation of standby generators
• Home intrusion systems
• Installation of entertainment systems such as USB outlets

The above is just a sampling of some of the many electrical installation services that we offer in Bend Oregon. We can customize these services to your electrician needs.

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